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3 tips and more for buying thrifted clothing for your capsule wardrobe

Meet Dee, our guest editor for Life Styling Magazine, a thrifting queen and an all around sweetheart. Dee shares her story and love for thrifted clothing and charity shops. I have to say my best pieces have been found in charity shops, I just feel like the quality of these pieces is second to none compared to ours options on the high street, its like getting designer for pri-mark prices :). If you are building a capsule wardrobe you love and want tips for sustainability, quality and shopping smartly, this article is for you!

When I was little I vividly remember my Mum rifling through the second hand clothes in a local church fete. I remember a Puma jumper being bought for me and being so happy I had a branded item of clothing that I probably wore it far too often. We grew up in a very rich, very affluent village but even with my parents both working we spent a large portion of childhood struggling financially.

I guess this was where my passion for second hand started. For many, this may of left a sour taste of second hand but for me it sparked it.  I worked as an assistant manager for the British Heart Foundation when I was 19 for two years and this cemented it.  I could not believe the items people gave away – the incredible new with tags designer items and the items that gave us a good giggle whilst simultaneously making us sanitise our hands three times and say a little prayer…


I often get told I have an eye for finding amazing items and that I’m so lucky to find such amazing garments and homeware. I’m not sure if it’s luck or being able to rifle through the rails with a quickness of a Mum chasing a toddler who is running towards danger but I do agree that I have picked up some amazing bits over the years. 


I’ve been doing this for so long that I can often tell the brand by the print, the fabric by the feel and the price before I even check the tag. I look at all sizes as shrinkage from washing and various brands sizing mean the sizes vary hugely. For me it’s not really about price although I’m the first to tell people my bargains. But it’s about the thrill of finding a unique purchase. Or the search for the perfect item – I’m currently looking for a vase for dry flowers and finding it thrifted will be so much more gratifying then paying four times the price new. Again though it’s not just about the money. Some of my favourite brands are The White Company, Jo Malone, Whistles…and I will spend money on these brands but doing both is what I love. Thrifting will always give me more of that thrill though.

I started my reselling journey selling vintage clothes and jewellery on market stalls and in a local shop roughly  ten years ago and it went well but unfortunately my lack of confidence and ambition meant that I didn’t put my full self into it. I could of achieved  so much more but i do believe it’s all for a reason and the time just wasn’t right. I researched where to buy, travelled all over the country sourcing stock and again – loved every minute of it. If only I had had more confidence. 


I now re sell clothes I buy from seconds sales and items I find thrifting from car boot sales, charity shops and marketplace as well as mine and my families clothes. This also means less clothes going into landfill, I’ve become aware in the last six months just how detrimental fast fashion is to the environment so shopping second hand is the ideal solution – the clothes have already been made. I sell on EBay and Vinted and absolutely love what I do. It’s a huge passion and seeing people happy with what I send them really does make my day. I have also started an Instagram account to really shout about second hand and to show just what is out there. You can have beautiful clothing and a beautiful home with secondhand items.

I really hope in the future  there is a change in the direction of fashion and consumerism as I don’t think the world can sustain the amount that is being produced and in turn wasted.



Shop often! 


Charity shops get new stock in weekly, sometimes twice a week. I also scan the shop two or three times. Because there is so much to look at it is so easy to miss things. I have often looked back at my videos and thought         I don’t remember that little gem!


Look at all sizes.


Some clothes look better oversized, some may of shrunk in the wash as well as brand sizing varying dramatically! I also like to look at menswear as sometimes clothes get put in the wrong place and also I love the style of some men’s clothing especially denim jackets and jumpers!


Why thrift?


There are so many reasons why to thrift. Fast fashion is incredibly damaging to the planet. There are so many clothes already available secondhand in every size and style. I can buy an excellent quality item of clothing that will last style and quality wise for less than an item in Primark.


I have managed to build a wardrobe full of staples and classic items that will last throughout the years. I also like to buy designer handbags secondhand and one of my most favourite finds was a Mulberry Bayswater in large from Marketplace for £95. I have also picked up clothing brands, The White company, Hobbs, Jigsaw, Jaeger to name a few. My friend also recently got some brand new Hobbs leather boots that were practically new for £9.99.

One of my most recent items I thrifted and absolutely love is a vintage black jacket with the most incredible buttons for £2.

This is why I started my Instagram page, to show exactly the beautiful items you can get secondhand!

Louis Vuitton bag thrifted via cuckoos nest on Instagram and New look camo jacket thrifted £1

Thrifted cream linen blazer – vintage £4.99

Vintage black blazer jacket £2
£1 Mulberry handbag thrifted £125
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