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Every home is different, every style is unique, and every wardrobe has its own character. But they all have one thing in common; they all deserve to be celebrated.

With this in mind, every step of The Life Styling Process is designed with you and your style at the centre. I want to help you showcase YOUR style, give you clarity and restore your peace of mind, not just in the moment, but for a lifetime. My vision isn’t just to transform homes and wardrobes. What I value most, is driving life-altering changes and inspiring you to become the best version of yourself.

Life Styling is built on 4 pillars; Simplicity, Style, State of Mind and Sustainability. We will work together with the goal of creating ease, expressing style, cultivating positive mindsets and protecting the environment.




State of Mind

Meet Jess

Through a multi-disciplinary background in fashion, Interiors and retail and with 15+ years in Luxury Brands such as Prada and OKA, style and exceptional customer service have always been at the heart of everything Jess does.

Life Stylings main goal is to give the ease of life and relief that I experienced when I finally got my wardrobe feeling effortless and authentic to me. To share the tools with you so you are able to feel empowered in your unique style, and to make shopping a pleasurable experience again. Ultimately, to be able to give you the option to express yourself through pre-loved circular clothing and an effortless wardrobe.

“I have always aspired to help people live their best, most authentic lives and what better way to start than with myself? I was tired of starting everyday shouting ‘I have nothing to wear!’ at a wardrobe full of clothes! From the lack of routine, to struggling to juggle motherhood and my day to day responsibilities at home, I knew I needed change. It felt only right to use my own home and wardrobe as my drawing boards. Since then, I have spent years crafting organisation systems and sustainable capsule wardrobes that are not only practical and circular but easy on the eye, whilst honing in on sustainable fashion and up-cycling along the way. When I realised it wasn’t just me who felt this way, I knew I had to share, and that’s how Life Styling was born!


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