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Capsule Wardrobe Service

Bring a sense of calmness to choosing the perfect outfit from your wardrobe with the support of Life Styling. Combine your personal style and our instincts for fashion that will celebrate you to cultivate an organised capsule wardrobe, which makes picking out the right outfit a joyful and rewarding experience.

By removing the clutter and restoring simplicity, our capsule wardrobe service in Oxfordshire, and virtual solutions, provide a platform from which you can easily put together the perfect ensemble for any occasion. This new found clarity of vision, and cleansed long term mindset, will save you time and money; as well as help you to fall back in love with clothes you may have previously discarded.

Our journey together to a wardrobe that works for you starts with mirroring your style with a commitment to sustainability.

In Person
Virtual Capsule Wardrobe

Foster a sustainable capsule wardrobe that reinvigorates your old favourites to create a variety of perfect outfits. Your first step is to complete our simple questionnaire to help us appreciate your life style and personal style. We’ll focus on what truly inspires your dream look to create a bespoke style guide to match your re-discovered style to new outfits that are authentically you. We will delve into body shape and colour analysis and add this to your personal guide. This will leave you feeling empowered and confidence to pick out your clothes and style in the future.

Looking for something more bespoke?

The path to a clear and focused capsule wardrobe is made easy if you have clarity in your thought-processes. At Life Styling, we help to pair your sense of style with a new purified mindset to make the most of your old clothes and return a sense of joy to finding the right outfit.

Leave the world of disposable fashion behind you by removing the clutter and cultivating a cleansed closet of long-lasting and high quality clothing that allows you to live more sustainably; giving you back control and saving you money in the long term.

The key to your journey with Life Styling is a seamless mix of simplicity, style and sustainability, and all in equal measure.

Start you capsule journey with this complimentary guide.

Created to simplify and break down what a capsule wardrobe is and how to set the foundations with ease. Discover the benefits around a capsule wardrobe, and most importantly how to embrace your unique style.

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