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Declutter Your Home with new Sustainable Swaps

Guest post featuring The Mindful Hive

Discover some simple tips to making sustainable swaps and in turn declutter your homes with Olivia from the Mindful Hive. The Mindful Hive is an online ecostore looking to help people remove plastic and toxins from their lives, one sustainable swap at a time.

Founded by Olivia from Plymouth, this side project came from her passion to live low waste after seeing the detrimental effect single use plastic has on the world. Research shows microplastics have been found in rain, snow and even in human organs. So The Mindful Hive wants to introduce a cleaner, waste free lifestyle to everyone and help people take control of what is in their home and their bodies.

Sustainable swaps

When someone asks how to live a low waste lifestyle, we always recommend slowly making changes when the time comes. Switch out traditional products for ones that are compostable or reusable and sustainably sourced. It can feel like a mammoth task but take it one room at a time, start with your bathroom or kitchen. NEVER throw something out that you can still use just so you can replace it with an eco-friendly alternative, this is the most wasteful thing you can do.  Living sustainably means thrifting, repurposing and getting every last bit of value out of the
product. When a product has truly come to the end of its life, then you can find the most responsible way to dispose of it and look for the sustainable alternative.



That is where The Mindful Hive comes in, alongside sharing tips on how to reduce food waste and thrift your wardrobe, we love introducing people to mindful products we have carefully chosen. We love stocking from small local businesses and showing our support to transparent companies that show every product is ethically made from sustainable ingredients/materials. Responsibility should be placed on companies to ensure their packaging will not leave an impact on the planet. So we make sure you don’t have to worry because all our packaging can be composted, recycled or reused!


To create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and the planet, habits must be broken and mindsets changed. We are more than just the products we sell and enjoy sharing our journey to living a low waste lifestyle. It is hard in this society to shake the fast consumerism advertised to us but once you start consciously consuming you will find yourself looking for sustainable swaps naturally. You’ll find yourself asking, what is this product made from? Is it natural will part of it never break down and return to the earth? Where was it made? How far did it have to travel for me to have it? Who made it?


A low waste lifestyle may not be accessible for everyone straight away but start educating yourself and making the changes where you can and you’ll notice the impact these swaps are having. For more information on plastic free products and low waste living tips head to and follow @themindfulhive on Instagram and Facebook.



Here are some examples of products we have and the benefits they offer:

Loofah Sponge

● Natural alternative to Plastic sponge

● No microplastics created from use

● Compostable

● Use in bathroom or kitchen


 Natural Shampoo

● Plastic free packaging

● No unnecessary bottle

● One kube per wash, great for travel

● No chemicals being washed down the drain

● Palm oil free, SLS & Sulphate free


Natural Deodorant

● No nasty chemicals or aluminium

● No antiperspirant spray you could breathe in

● Compostable packaging, no plastic

● Natural ingredients that moisturise the skin

Thank you Olivia for some great tips on starting a journey towards sustainable swaps. I know for sure, its a step by step process and it is important to fit them into the lifestyle you live, that way they stick.

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