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Dealing with Unsettling Emotions | Holistic Style Toolkit to Confidence

Life Styling has joined forces with the gorgeous Kathryn Louise founder of  kaloujewellery . Join us in March to navigate the flurry of emotions we are feeling as we continue to deal with change. Focused on style confidence and a holistic approach to getting dressed.

Katie has kindly shared her tips on how we can take control of our unsettling emotions, with a tool kit to success…

What’s more, each Friday we will be hosting a completely free workshop, where you will be able to ask style questions, learn more about the benefits of wearing crystals and start pulling your confidence together through outfits. Here’s the link to sign up:

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Take it away Katie…

We’re set to go through yet another change, with lock-down restrictions soon to be lifted, but for many of us, this can elevate unsettling emotions like fear, worry, uncertainty, stress and even anxiety.  So we’re here to tell you how crystals & life styling tips can help you get through this stage, with a series of posts designed to target the breadth of emotions you may be experiencing.

1. Crystals

Crystals have been used long throughout the ages for a range of emotional & physical problems and when applied to your everyday life they too can give you the strength & support to overcome those unsettling emotions.

One of our favourite crystals is Blue Agate which is fantastic for cleansing & eliminating negative emotions, while its physical counterpart, encourages restful sleep & helps diminish those worrying thoughts before bed that can trigger insomnia.

Another fantastic crystal is Howlite which eliminates stress & frustration while also helping teach us patience. Overall, it boosts feelings of calm and tranquility. Something that can benefit us as we navigate these changing waters.

Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful crystal that helps you overcome stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia while having the added benefit of helping to boost your immune system that can often be impacted in times of chronic & acute stress.

Finally Tourmalinated Quartz, is a wonderful stone that helps guard your emotions, while also working to release any feelings of stress and anxiety. For those who are worried about going back to work or facing hostile environments, Tourmalinated Quartz alleviates the effect of being in this environment while also protecting the emotional drain this may have on your wellbeing.

2. Tips & Tricks

Just wearing your crystals can aid you both emotionally & physically, however, we can also use them as part of our mindful practice especially if you are feeling overwhelmed
1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, as you do this run your fingers over the crystals on your jewellery. Feel the texture, smoothness, warmth or coolness. Do this for the next 3 – 4 breaths or until you’re ready to move on.

2. Next, imagine breathing in peace, tranquility, relaxation or calm while still maintaining the feather light touch over your jewellery. I find visualising, at the same time, a beautiful green cord emanating from my crystal to my stomach helps elevate the experience.

3. On your outward breath imagine releasing all your stress, negativity, fears, worries or concerns draining out of your body through your feet.

4. Do this for as long as you need or until you feel balance has been restored.
5. If your mind wanders that’s fine, sometimes having your eyes open as you focus on your crystal helps attune your attention. Just remember to bring your attention back to a place of tranquility and peace.

Crystals can be implemented into your outfits and help you feel connected, here are some holistic outfit suggestions centred around the crystals that can help with unsettled emotions:

Having a holistic approach to styling your outfits can have many benefits. It allows you to feel connected and reduces the stress of getting dressed daily. To achieve this, it’s all about connecting in and learning your body shape, what suites you, and colour analysis. Our styling services cover Oxfordshire and virtually.

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