Home Organisation

With an emphasis on mindset and routine, we work through the organising process to remove clutter and restore clarity. We put simple processes in place and introduce stylish storage solutions. Equipped with new personalised systems, tidying will be quick and easy; and organising will become second nature.

Re-establish control over every corner of your house with our home organisation services in Oxfordshire. At Life Styling, we can provide consultation virtually or in-person to tailor long standing principles to cleanse any messy space and give you back the spare time you would normally spend cleaning and tidying.

Working together, we help you on your journey to a better organised home that seamlessly dovetails your style with long-term and sustainable solutions.

In Person
Home Organisation Power Session

Reimagining a space in your home that has been causing you stress is an organising journey worth taking. Cleansing an area of clutter can easily put the finishes touches to a room or project. On our power session, we will send you a questionnaire to get to the heart of what is causing your exasperation; before holding a video call to see your space and designing a tailored solution. We’ll provide a bespoke one page strategy with simple-to-follow instructions to redefine your space.

De-stress a room or space

Constant tidying of a part of your home can be as draining on your mind as it is on your time. We’ll work with you to de-stress any room or space, which starts with a video chat to discuss the issue at hand. Our second session will allow us to provide some solutions to improve your space. Following this will be a bespoke guide containing simple instructions on changes and storage solutions to fashion the perfect space. We are on this journey with you and will be in touch to ensure your problem area is reinvigorated.

Looking for something more bespoke?

The Organising Process


We start with your consultation call. We learn about your life, your home and your wardrobe.


Together, we create a customised plan outlining the steps we need to take to organise your home and wardrobe.


We put the plan into action, working on removing clutter and implementing stylish storage solutions that suit you and your home.

Begin your journey to a more organised home with Life Styling and know that your home’s style will be at the centre of our process. By simplifying spaces and processes within your home and mind, we can wash away the clutter.

Quick fixes are not part of our commitment to making your home work for you. Our deep-rooted changes will create a new routine and mindset that are designed around restoring a sense of clarity and instilling a commitment to sustainability.

Devoting time and money to your home now will yield a lifetime of positive long term outcomes for you and your family.

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