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Guest post with Assunta French

French Jewellery is a handcrafted feminine, chic boho jewellery brand using a mixture of materials with a focus on semi-precious stones. My jewellery is made with integrity, authenticity, and honesty at all times. These values are at the core of Assunta French Jewellery.

To be of service to create these unique pieces of jewellery so that you feel empowered and confident wearing your beautiful piece (s) with as much joy as I had to create them for you is such a privilege.

The reason I use semi-precious stones is not just because they are super pretty (which they totally are!) but all semi-precious stones have their own unique healing properties, energies, and vibrations. When carried, or worn these properties can really help and add a little support for your day to day activities from work, catch up with friends, family get-togethers, or even that gym class.

For example, Rose Quartz is said to represent Aphrodite, The Goddess of Love. With its soft pink colouring the Rose Quartz embodies Feminine Energy with a powerful driving force of unconditional love. Rose Quartz is known for its well-being benefits. It can heal the heart chakra (and the rest of the body’s chakras) that can give one a deeper sense of fulfillment and happiness, therefore giving love to yourself but also to others when you are feeling balanced.


I took the LIFE STYLING quiz to discover my organisation personality, and OMG the emotional attchment is so true and my step mum loves to purge and clean – I use to hate it and it would stress me out when I was younger!!

This moon organisation quiz was so fun and such a great way to incorporate the natural cycles of the moon and our personalities in how we like to organise and be tidy.
My results came back as a Waxing moon which I feel makes sense to me and my way of organising and aesthetics in the home. I do like having all my books, candles, and other accessories nicely displayed (brings me joy) so you can see them and so I don’t forget what I have and are readily available to me when needed. I also defiantly form an emotional attachment to my belongings and find it hard to part with them when which came up in my results!
When I am cleaning and tidying I don’t want to let my belongings go but that gentle reminder “that stuff is just stuff” really helps and I’ll have to remember that next time I need a major purge!
I am defiantly looking forward to organising the helpful tips as guidelines in f organising projects in the future!


Assunta x

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