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Guest post with Hannah & Elena from Rho Luxury Loungewear

Discover a fantastic loungewear brand, focused on sustainable and ethical style, quality and giving back to the world. Loungewear is now an essential to our capsule wardrobes, so shopping consciously couldn’t be easier with Rho…

Hi I’m Hannah! I am one of the co-founders of rho – an organic luxury loungewear brand. We believe everyone deserves a safe night’s sleep and donate £5 from every itema sold to Oasis Domestic Abuse Charity.

Myself and Elena both used to work in the fashion industry for many years but dreamt of creating a more positive impact. That dream has now come true with rho! This blog post is all about something we are very passionate about which is making more conscious wardrobe choices. If you would like to learn more about our brand please visit

Why is shopping more consciously important?

Shopping consciously means purchasing with more awareness and thought behind what you are buying and the impact of how that product was created.

At Rho we are very aware that the most sustainable option is to love and cherish the items you already have! Some ways to do that are:

Know what you already have. Spend time going through your wardrobe and making sure everything is something you love and want to wear. Creating a capsule wardrobe with this in mind is a way to be more conscious of using what you have and investing in what you love.

Look after the clothes you do have by reading the care instructions carefully. We tend to wash clothes too frequently which can reduce the life span and has more impact on the planet.

If you do decide to purchase something new we recommend:

Seeing each purchase and every pound you spend as a vote for the world you want to see. Finding small, ethical brands can be more time consuming but the ripple effect you can make with your purchase is huge!

Take time to make considered purchases. This increases the likelihood that we will really cherish and appreciate what we are buying. Having a story behind the things you buy can make you feel so much more connected to your purchases and creates more satisfaction then a quick shopping thrill.

Think about buying something you can wear more than once and can wear in different ways. When we designed the range for rho it was very important to us that they can be worn in the house as pyjamas or as a beautiful lightweight outfit in warmer weather.

Some questions you might want to consider when shopping consciously are:

How was this item made? Were the people in the supply chain treated fairly and with respect?

How long will I have this item for and how often will I be able to use it?

Do I have a real need for this?

Will I still feel good about this purchase in one year’s time?

Here at team rho myself and my co-founder Elena try to only buy new things that we know will bring us joy for years to come. One of our favourite things about starting rho is that we have connected with some other incredible small businesses. The thought, care and attention to detail that goes into these brands is really special and we feel proud to support them whenever we can.

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