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Morning Routines Post lock-down | 5 day Organising Challenge

Morning routine home organisation tips 5 day organising challenge
Mornings can be chaotic at the best of times, and now we are heading out of lock-down with our new life style changes – this can feel over-whelming right? That is where we can take control back and create a morning routine that is effortless and simple. But how?

Join Life Styling & Kit Clothing for our 5 day challenge #fiveminutemoments – 5 super quick and simple Home organising tips and hacks to simplify your morning.


How many times have you had to ask this on a busy morning as you try to get everyone out the house fully dressed and on time?

Day 1 of the @life_styling & @kit_clothing #5MinuteMoments challenge is to find a place to keep your keys… and start using it!

Sounds simple but I am definitely guilty of dumping my keys in different spots around the house, leaving me in a mad rush to find them the next morning. Start by working out what organising tips and methods works best for you, take the organising personality quiz here;


When choosing a home for your keys:

✔ Choose a place which is on your way in and out of the house so you get into the habit of putting them there

✔ Make sure it’s secure and out of reach of your letter box!

✔ Pick a method that works for you in your home. For example, a hook so they’re visible or a box to hide the clutter



Does this sound familiar –

“I have nothing to wear” as you stare at a wardrobe filled with clothes?

#5minutemoments is all you need to declutter your mind and put a simple system in place to avoid this. These simple home organisation tips will start you off to the right foot.

For long term solutions, take a look at starting a capsule wardrobe with us. Download your free starter guide HERE. 

✔ If your tight for time in your morning routine, get your clothes ready the night before

✔ Get the kids involved and ask them to choose their outfits, have a designated box for them to put them in

✔ Have a Permian to place for your ready to go outfits – a chair, a rail, a box – any will work as long as they work for you.




Our local postmen have been amazing during lock-down – so thank you! But organising mail and post can sometimes feel like a mammoth task – opening letters while we are multi-tasking, then looking for the mail you actually need can be frustrating. But there are some easy home organisation tips to organising our mail….

#5minutemoments day 3 is all about creating a simple system for your mail.

✔ First decide on one place to keep your mail – this can be a draw, a file, tray etc

✔ Having an accessible filing system can save your heeps of time, if its quick and easy to use you can file the mail straight away

✔ Create a place for your ‘actionable’ post – a notice board is ideal.



We know it well, right? Our handbags end up like Mary Poppin bags. But during lock-down if your anything like me, the handbags have been collecting dust! I currently use a rucksack for dog walks, but it actually is pretty empty.

So Day 4 of #5minutemoments is decluttering our bags and creating an easy to use system to avoid disaster and mess.

Our 3 organisation tips are;


✔ First empty your bag out and start a fresh. Work out what you actually need everyday

✔ Compartments are your best friend – allocate your pockets for purposes (ie your phone in your front pocket)

✔ Try to keep to one main bag, if you can’t use your organised key placement to house your wallet and essentials – that way it’s always in one place and you won’t go out without anything.



Our morning routines wouldn’t be the same without some kind of food prep, be it breakfast, snacks for the day and kids pack lunches.

Our final day of #5minutemoments includes some home organisation tips for getting set for the day. Start by decluttering what you actually need and follow these simple tips;




✔ Create  cupboard or space designated for this – if it’s something you use daily it demands a functional space. This can include tuppleware, snacks and essentials.

✔ Prepare the food the night before (where you can)

✔ Make assessable to the family, this can take the pressure off you and make it inclusive. Remember to keep the system simple, storage boxes are ideal for this.

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