Baby Wardrobe Dividers



Our Baby Label Collection has created to make life easier when it comes to organising kids clothes. Use the size labels to know exactly what you have in each size making it easier to find what you need. A sustainable way to organise, once you are done with that size replace with the next sizing label. The labels are designed to fit most baby hangers, the eco hangers showed in the image are ideal as they are made from recycled card and are fully recyclable.


Choose from 3 subtle colour options, depending on what suites the style of your nursery and baby clothes. We print to order ensuring zero waste. Created to make your home organisation stylish and sustainable.

The labels have a gloss finish.


1. If you already have hangers measure the middle section to ensure the 3cm labels will fit perfectly.

2. Work out the colour you want depending on the room & clothing style.



Product Info

60 labels size 3cm including 12 of each:

0-3 months | 3-6 months | 6-9 months  | 9-12 months | 12-18 months | 18-24 months


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