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Colour Palettes


Discovering your colour palette can feel so empowering. But where to start? This seven page guide breaks it down so you can start effortlessly.

After purchasing you will get sent the Colour Quiz, to discover your colours. Then you will receive a digital Colour Guide.

The guide includes:

How to use your colours in your wardrobe

A template for you to create your favourites colours

The details of your colouring and style sisters

A break down of your colours including your best neutrals, darks and colours to avoid


We believe this is one of the core fundamentals to your capsule wardrobe, our capsule wardrobe service provides a platform from which you can easily put together the perfect ensemble for any occasion. This new found clarity of vision, and cleansed long term mindset, will save time and money; as well as help them to fall back in love with clothes you may have previously discarded.

Once purchased Jess will personally send you the quiz and then your colour PDF this can take up to 48hours.



  • This booklet is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only


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