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Gianni Versace


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Named after the founder and fashion designer Gianni Versace. And what an incredible designer piece this is, created by the original Gianni Versace we bring you this incredible dress. Simple yet so modern for its time and absolutely show stopping.

Gianni who was a visionary, founding the iconic fashion house you know as Versace. He was tragically murdered in 1997. So a piece made by him is so iconic and a real keepsake.

The pop of colour sets this apart from a simple black dress, with a sleek 90s strapless silhouette. So iconic of the time where supermodels ruled, and women had their femininity expressed through clothing.

A vintage 40 and a modern size 10

Length 28 inches approx

These are really beautiful and timeless vintage pieces, so they need to be handled with care and appreciate tips. The quality is beautiful but bare in mind her condition may not be brand new and she needs to be looked after.

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