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The Capsule Wardrobe Experience – GIFT VOUCHER


Give the gift of experience to a loved one this Christmas, the most sustainable way to go. Perfect for someone that has most things and would love clarity and style in their wardrobe. Our virtual capsule wardrobe service has been described as life changing, as it truly alters daily lives for ease and authentic style

The Ultimate Gift experience of creating a capsule wardrobe. £150 gift voucher to be used on the Virtual Capsule Wardrobe Service.

The ideal gift for someone that has almost everything, but would love a sense of clarity and to refine their authentic style. Voucher is sent to you via email after purchase, for you to print or send digitally.

The ethos is to help foster a sustainable capsule wardrobe that reinvigorates your old favourites to create a variety of perfect outfits.

We work to combine personal style and the instincts for fashion that will celebrate them to cultivate an organised capsule wardrobe, which makes picking out the right outfit a joyful and rewarding experience.

By removing the clutter and restoring simplicity, our virtual capsule wardrobe service provides a platform from which you can easily put together the perfect ensemble for any occasion. This new found clarity of vision, and cleansed long term mindset, will save time and money; as well as help them to fall back in love with clothes you may have previously discarded.

Our journey together to a wardrobe that works for you starts with mirroring your style with a commitment to sustainability.

The process includes:

– A pre session questionnaire to help us appreciate their life style and personal style.

– A 90 minute session via zoom or in person in Oxfordshire.

– In this 90 minute session we will go through and discover the 3 key element that create a timeless wardrobe as well as giving the power back to knowing what to buy and what you need.

– 3 ELEMENTS : Bodyshape breakdown, full colour analysis and style basics to start the capsule wardrobe

– All of this information is put into a unique Style Guide. This is the perfect reference to creating a new found joy of clothes and what I believe is a life changing experience.

* All detail are including in the Service tab


  • This voucher is valid for 185 days after purchase
  • This voucher is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash in part or full and is valid for a single transaction only
  • This voucher is not valid during sale or in conjunction with any special promotions


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