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Mess and unnecessary clutter can leave you feeling exasperated, as parts of your home do not work in the way you intended. Collaborate with Life Styling to restore the balance in any space that is causing frustration. Start your journey with a pre-visit consultation to explore together how your home works, your routines and how the space is meant to be used. We will either visit the space in question, or do so over Zoom, to see how much work is needed.

You and your possessions are at the centre of our plans. We will design a new layout for your space so it can function perfectly, while remaining true to the styling of your home by using what you already have and suggesting new options to improve it. Cleanliness and sustainability are cornerstones of our home organisation and we can advise on the best way to dispose of, or find a new home for, unwanted items.

Home Organisation Service


From: 1 hr

The Organising Process

1. We Listen

We start with your consultation call. We learn about your life, your home and your wardrobe.

2. We Collaborate

Together, we create a customised plan outlining tue steps we need to take to organise your home and wardrobe

3. We Implement

We put the plan into action, working on removing clutter and implementing stylish storage solutions that suit you and your home. 

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