Home Organisation Labels for boxes


Our Gold labels have been created to add style to basic sustainable boxes. Now you have no reason to hide them behind closed doors, have your boxes on display as they look like staked coffee table books. Make your life easier by having a place for everything, and add some style to the mix with these labels. A sustainable way to organise, once everything has its places its easier to know what you do and dont need. Allowing you to have the buying power .


We print to order ensuring zero waste. Created to make your home organisation stylish and sustainable.



1. Have your boxes ready and measure the side. They work best if the labels are roughly the length of the boxes

2. Work out what you want the label to say – keep its short and sweet the longer the writing the smaller the font. We recommend no longer then 10-12 letters for medium boxes, and small boxes up to 6 letters

3. At check out use the additional info box to add your bespoke words




Product Info

Set of 3 Gold labels to organise boxes, files and stationary.

Measurements options :

2x length 22cm 4cm height 4cm

length 15cm height 4cm


Create your bespoke options


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