Home Organisation Tags with Labels



Our set of 5 Home Organisation Tags are ideal to label things like boxes and drawers. Make your life easier by having a place for everything and add some style to the mix with these labels. Create your own storage solutions in a sustainable way, once everything has its places its easier to know what you do and dont need. Allowing you to have the buying power .


Choose from 6 colour combination, depending on what suites your style. We print to order ensuring zero waste. Created to make your home organisation stylish and sustainable.

The labels have a Matt finished.


1. Check the tag size against the box you want it on to to ensure the size is right

2. Work out the colour you want depending on the room & clothing style.

3. Work out what you want the label to say – keep its short and sweet the longer the writing the smaller the font. We recommend no longer then 10-12 letters

4. At check out use the additional info box to add your bespoke word for each tag




Product Info

Set of 5 tags with labels, choose your bespoke option of writing.

Natural wooden tag size 4cm x 4cm with bespoke label

Choose from:

Black or natural | White | Clear | Black | Beige




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