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Nurture an enduringly beautiful wardrobe with Life Styling. Your passage to an uncluttered wardrobe with us begins with a questionnaire to unearth your true style. Our next step will be a video call to talk through your current wardrobe and settle on a look that works for you. We’ll put together a tailored style guide and wish list to enhance your capsule wardrobe around your body shape and favourite outfits; and walk you through the process. If you have a set budget, we can create a bespoke and thrifted capsule wardrobe that will stand the test of time and provide a sustainable wardrobe for you.

Virtual Capsule Wardrobe


1 hr

The Organising Process

1. We Listen

We start with your consultation call. We learn about your life, your home and your wardrobe.

2. We Collaborate

Together, we create a customised plan outlining tue steps we need to take to organise your home and wardrobe

3. We Implement

We put the plan into action, working on removing clutter and implementing stylish storage solutions that suit you and your home. 

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