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Simplicity in Routine

By Jess

Do you ever feel like your schedule and routine is out of control, or like your days and weeks have no real structure?

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and become overwhelmed and anxious because of everything that needs to get done. Just like homes, our lives can become cluttered too, and the best way to organise your life is by creating routine and sticking to it.

The benefits of planning and organising your week and creating a routine are endless.

Simplicity is key ingredient, we often overload ourselves by trying to fit too much in a short space of time. Managing our time (and expectations) and being realistic about what you can get done each day can make a profound if difference.

Creating routine in times of change can anchor you and give you drive and purpose, and by considering your wellbeing and self care you can create a home balance with ease.

A couple of home organisation tips when planning with simplicity:


Break it down – outline the key tasks you need to get done for the week in order of importance and break each down into smaller tasks that will help you to achieve your goals. This will help you to feel less overwhelmed with the workload


Make time for what matters – set time aside time to do the things you enjoy and relax. Having downtime is a great way to recoup and self-care should always be a regular part of your routine not a once-in-a-while treat.

Another option besides the Life Styling Planners is to have a consultation. Having a clear mind when making every day decisions in your life can help remove stress and bring a sense of calm. You sit at the core of our life planning process, which starts with a virtual or in-person consultation to set your goals and get to the root of your frustrations and aspirations. We’ll provide you with a detailed and bespoke plan of action, as well as personalised planners. These will be sent digitally to you, alongside a summary of actions to ease your journey towards a tranquil routine.


Life Planning

The Life Styling Planners and Guide have been created to support us with organising our busy lives. You can find them here!

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