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Sustainability in Fashion Design | Your lifestyle choice is a capsule wardrobe

Guest post with Radina Radeva

Being sustainable these days is not easy in any part of life – with new fashion collections coming out almost every month, technological updates tempting us every so often and sales popping up at least four times a year.

According to the House of Commons report ‘Fixing Fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability’, the UK buys more clothes per person than any other country in Europe. To accommodate that, Fashion Revolution reveals that an estimated 300,000 tonnes of clothing ends up in landfill every year. However, if you are here, you already know that this is not the way forward and you are aware of the importance of being as sustainable as possible and the value of making mindful choices – a value to you and to the planet.


Sustainability and sustainable design can vary a lot – from upcycling pre-used materials, using biodegradable fibers, ensuring products are ethically made to making them durable, multifunctional and versatile. Here at Radina Radeva, we believe that our clothes will be loved for longer, if they can change with our lifestyles; if they can be re-designed to make them suit our identities over time. This is why we commit to consistently explore design innovation in order to create the multi-functionality our customers need. Our products are designed to save space, give a variety of options and care about the environment. We want to give women the opportunity to be part of the design process and part of this sustainable journey towards a better, more mindful future.


The truth is, however, that sustainable design of products that are made now is absolutely the way forward, but it’s certainly not solving the problem we have already created. Upcycling helps, but unfortunately not all products can be upcycled. So we had another take on this issue and created the ‘Give Your Wardrobe a New Life’ service. This is an individually tailored service where we look at clothes people don’t wear anymore and we bring them back to life through styling or alterations. To complete the journey, we offer alterations too – so when something needs to be mended, made smaller OR bigger, we are ready to roll up our sleeves and bring it back to life.



‘Be the change you want to see in the world’- the famous phrase that can help guide all of us towards a better future – be it for ourselves, for our children or for the world. By making mindful choices as individuals, we all get one step closer to that dream world we want. And guess what, I have some great news for you! You’re absolutely in the right place! Carry on exploring the blog for more positivity, inspiration and sustainable alternatives that you can easily incorporate in your life!

– Radina Radeva

Thank you to Radina for such an insightful post into options, alternatives and tips – this can all blend in perfectly to created your dream sustainable capsule wardrobe. Offering the option to tailor the clothes you already have, allows you to build a capsule wardrobe that really works for you. Consider a piece in your wardrobe you love and don’t want to part with, but for some reason the fit/function isn’t quite right… by having a piece tailored for you, you can feel fabulous and keep the item you love.

Purchasing sustainable alternatives such as a reverse-able skirt can allow our outfits to be multi-functional. In our life
time fast fashion has transformed our spending habits and way we look after what we have.  The option to tailor, fix or up-cycle would not of even been a consideration, but by starting to consider these things we are creating a lifestyle for the future. What is interesting, when we start thinking differently, our buying habits change – we want to hold on to items we have invested in and are of quality. But when we buy something so cheap, it is the first thing to throw away. Same as having an item tailored – if we have invested and love the piece, we will treat it with love and want to alter it for fit our desires.

Discover the solution to all your wardrobe worries with our capsule wardrobe sessions, done virtual and in-person in the Oxfordshire area. Jump into spring with a refreshed mindset and style you feel proud.

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