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Why a tidy home really does mean a tidy mind

You may think that tidying up, filing paperwork and generally being organised are all just chores, but actually these things are about so much more.  Saving time, creating headspace, creating a sense of calm and taking back control to name just a few.

I am Rebecca Crayford and my business Rebecca Crayford Lifestyle Management (RCLM) offers friendly and dependable tailor-made personal assistance, with a view to creating more time for you.  

Working with my clients is always varied meaning my work is never boring!  Over the 4 and a half years I’ve been running my business, I’ve worked with many different clients, all of whom have had very different needsI’ve researched the logistics of releasinghedgehogs into a client’s garden, taken delivery of a new boat (at my client’s house!), project managed a house extension, been the on-the-day wedding coordinator at three weddings, and sorted out many,many piles of paperwork!  There really is no one size fits all solution to feeling organised as that feeling means something very different to every one of us.  For some clients they want their bills and household adminto be taken care of, while for others, they just want to hand me their to-do list so they no longer have to worry about it.  It really does depend on the individual, but ultimately, for most of my clients it’s having a trusted person who ‘has their back’ that makes the most difference.

It is estimated that we each spend 3,680 hours in our lifetime searching for misplaced items.

My general rule is that everything we have in our homes or home offices should have its own place. Often to achieve this there is a need to reduce the amount of ‘stuff’ we have.

It is estimated that only 20% of the things we own are actually used.

Having less means we are more likely to find a home for our things, we are more likely to keep on top of being organised and this in turn produces a sense of calm. Being tidy and organised is aesthetically pleasing, and those who believe in feng shui will know that this can create a sense of well-being and a sense of belonging.

A study conducted by the Australia Institute found that 40% of those surveyed felt guilty, depressed, or anxious about their home clutter.

Creating a sense of calm and reducing stress are the main aims I have when working with my clients. Being organised and tidy can have such an impact on day-to-day life and especially during stressful times. Imagine someone drives into your car, but you don’t know where your insurance certificates are. On top of the stress about the accident itself you now have to spend time searching for documentation, making phone calls to get duplicate copies and thinking ‘I wish I had filed this in the first place.’

Disorganisation, not lack of space causes 80% of household clutter.


For the everyday items, ensure they have a home and that you (and everyone in the family) religiously adheres to putting them away. A key cupboard near the front door (but out of sight for security purposes) is a great idea and no longer will your partner holler “have you seen the car keys?” as they leave the house late for their first appointment of the day!

Making sure everything has its place will save you time and reduce stress – this ‘life laundry’ can take up more brain space than we realise so dealing with it can only be a benefit.



Little and often

One of the biggest tips I can give is not to ‘go big’ with getting organised. You aren’t going to sort years worth of clutter in one afternoon so ‘little and often’ in achievable bite-size chunks is the way to start.

For example, a Sunday afternoon would be a perfect time to sort through the two piles of paperwork on the bottom shelf in your home office – this is achievable whereas organising the whole home office is not.

To start, sort the paperwork into piles according to category. Now, walk away, make a cup of tea and a have break, and then come back to it. Next, go through each of these piles sorting into things you must keep,things you’re not sure about and things you absolutely know you don’t need.

For the latter shred and recycle immediately, “I’ll do it later” is a trap you want to avoid!

Next, file away the ‘must keeps’ with clear labelling and dividers so that you can easily find what you need in the future and keep up with the system.

Now you can review the ‘not sure about’ pile again and with a clearer mind make a decision to ‘keep or shred’.

TIP – if you don’t think you need a hard copy but might want it for reference take a picture on your phone and file it in Google Drive, Dropbox or similar.

Check the small print

Giving yourself time to get organised also means you have the opportunity to check the small print on important documents. For example, do you have valid jewellery valuations certificates?  Some insurance providers require the jewellery to have been valued within the last 2 years – check, check and check again!  Your filing time is a great opportunity to do this and it can save a lot of stress in the long run.

The key is to create a system that is easy to manage from now on; when more paperwork comes through the door you won’t have a reason not to file it because your system is quick and simple and you know exactly how to do it.

It’s really important that you don’t set yourself up to fail. Remember, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and progress not perfection is the key.

For more tips please visit the blog on my website or follow me on Facebook ( or Instagram (@rclmconcierge).


Thank you to Rebecca for such an interesting insight into getting your life organised. Rebecca took our home organisation quiz, and always find it such fun discovering what types we all are! It makes perfect sense that Rebecca fits into the Waning Moon Organiser, typically known for:

The feel good organiser, the waning moon often represents a phase of focus and completion.

    • Organising gives you a frill and you love to plan
    • You prefer minimal visual clutter in your homes and work spaces
    • Detail is everything, and micro-organisation system make you happy
    • You are a perfectionist when it comes to setting up and using systems.

Feels like your in the perfect job!

To discover your organisation personality and tips to getting started through this :

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