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My work experience with a sustainable fashion business in Abingdon

 My experience with Life Styling has been amazing and interesting to see how a small business works and what I could achieve in the future with new skills and knowledge. I feel more confident with sewing which I wasn’t before Jess had shown me the way she does it and now I feel more independent with sewing skills.

“What I really liked is that everything is in one place and having a space just to do what I am passionate about and to create what makes me feel excited…”

I started the week with learning how a small business works and the story behind Life Styling and the sustainable fashion business. I then took inspiration and was tasked to research and collected images to create a vision and ideas of who I am and what I want my business to look like in the future. I created a mood board to express and share the concept, of what I  would like my business to look like also what I can produce. what I really liked is that everything is in one place and having a space just to do what I am passionate about and to create what makes me feel excited, and what I could come up with from using what I already have.  I like the idea of going to charity shops where I can make some interesting clothing items without spending a lot of money.

By creating a mood board I can design a specific item of clothing with the colours I have selected for the clothing item, also the embellishments I feel it has to match with what I have found and designed. I feel like the logo has to demonstrate ‘me’ eg. the colours the type of font also the layout to represent what I do and to hopefully share some skills.

Since being here for work experience I helped out with preparing Art week and the nature tail which is part of the South Abingdon art community project with the county council. I’ve also helped out with the homeschooling creative workshop which was creating something they already had without using a lot of equipment, to show their creativity without a design and just using their imagination. And coming to the end of the week I helped with the fashion up-cycling workshop which I go to myself, it is all about expressing your thoughts for a design for a clothing item or accessories which is unique to individuals.


Here is a break down of all the areas of Life Styling I experienced…

  • Business process and knowledge into what to consider with branding and imagary for a small business
  • Story of the sustainable fashion business and how a small business runs
  • Created and researcheda logo, moodboard and vision for up-cycling fashion
  • Introduction into a capsule wardrobe and how 1-2-1 services work
  • Curated social stories for marketing
  • Art community project with south Abingdon – nature trail
  • Learnt how to use canva and create visuals
  • Supported and set up the running of up-cyling workshops with kids and young people in Abingdon
  • Created a vision and upcycled a pair of jeans
  • Homeschooling fashion workshop – planning and supporting
  • Art weeks Oxfordshire preparation and supportExplained websites and seo – how to write a blog, and curated a blog post about the work experience


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