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Your Capsule Wardrobe Your WAY

How do you feel in the morning when you go to get dressed?

How would you like to feel in the morning when you go the get dressed?

Ultimately what we wear is an extension of ourselves, its how we choose to show up, its how we want to feel…

Even choosing to wear clothes that say ‘ I don’t care what I’m wearing’ expresses a part of you that in within.

So I ask – how do you want to show up as your best self? Our wardrobe can be authentic to us, and having every piece in your wardrobe make you feel how ever YOU want to feel!

A capsule wardrobe has so many practical benefits but what is most important is that it gives you your power back. Power to choose, power to show up and power to feel good.

By understanding and re-connecting with your authentic self these 3 area can be life changing:

1. Colour palette – what colour make you glow
2. Body shape – knowing what feel most comfortable to you
3. Style – your authentic life style

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